StarTech’s new USB-C multi-card reader is a must-have for photo and video users

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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If you dabble in video or photography and constantly find yourself needing to connect multiple devices, you might be in luck: StarTech released a new card reader that comes with a couple of must-have features. Let’s go over them and see why the new multi-card reader is worth looking into.

For starters, we’re looking at a USB-C multi-card reader. If you’ve kept your ear to the ground in the last months, you know that USB-C has now become the new standard in connectivity. The technology is being implemented in all the latest releases, with Apple and its MacBook design leading the charge. If you are using computers and other digital devices, you might see yourself investing in some dongles sooner or later.

Interesting, it also features support for not only SD and microSD cards, but also for Compact Flash. Getting a USB-C Compact Flash card reader is not a simple task in many cases and this one is well-needed.

Compact Flash is mostly used in professional photography, so users in that spectrum are more likely to benefit from the Compact Flash support.

Ideal for creative professionals, this multi-card reader/writer saves you time and helps you work more efficiently when working with a wide variety of flash media, letting you quickly transfer and back-up files.

Aside from its compatibilities, the new reader also excels in terms of size as it is very portable and easy to handle. It provides the perfect solution for photo or video designers that are always in a hurry but in theory, anyone that uses the reader’s supported platforms (SD, micro SD and CF) can make good use of this investment.

You can buy the new StarTech USB-C multi-card reader for $33.33 from Amazon.


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