How to fix the Steam purchase error e502 l3?

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  • Steam client shows up error code E502 L3 when there is a huge load on its official servers.
  • This usually happens during the launch of a popular gaming title or if there is a discount on games, where people rush to buy the games at once.
  • In such cases, you can check the server status for any outage, or you can try re-installing the Steam client on your PC.
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Steam is an online gaming platform that is home to millions of gamers across the globe. Players from all across the globe play thousands of different games on the Steam platform each day.

Not only does Steam let you play games, but it also lets you purchase your favorite game titles and even discuss your game strategy or anything about games.

It is a cloud-based gaming library. So, you can purchase and download games on your Steam client without worrying about the games eating up too much memory on your PC.

For your information, Steam was developed by Valve in September 2003 to provide automatic updates to the games they produced.

Later, the company saw its potential and started including games from third-party publishers as well. Fast forward to now, it is the biggest online gaming platform in the world.

Along with vanilla games, Steam also hosts downloadable content called DLC, and user-generated features, which are popularly known as Mods.

To use Steam, you need to download and install the Steam client on your PC. You also need to have a Steam account to access the game library, software, and forums.

Since Steam stores a plethora of games, and there are millions of active users every day, the platform has to process a lot of data. This in turn results in error codes and other problems troubling the users from time to time.

One such issue that has been widely reported by Steam users is the Steam error E502 L3. This error pops up and can pop up anytime when using the Steam main user interface.

Fortunately, we have some solutions for you that will help you troubleshoot the Steam error E502 L3, and possibly fix it.

There are chances that Steam error E502 L3 could be fixed with a simple restart, but for some, it may require a different solution.

Whatever the case may be, in this guide, we will share with you a set of effective solutions that you can apply and try to fix the Steam error E502 L3. With that said, let us jump right in.

What is E502 L3 on Steam?

steam error e502 l3

Steam error E502 L3 is one of the main and most common errors that Steam users face when using the Steam client. It shows you a warning with a message, “We were unable to service your request. Please try again later.”

It is encountered when a user tries to access the store or tries to log in to the Steam client app. So, it means you will get this Steam error E502 L3 when the servers of the online gaming platform are heavily taxed.

You are likely to get the Steam error E502 L3 pop up when there is a huge discount announced on any popular game. Users rush to buy their discounted copy of the game, which overloads the server with multiple requests.

Notably, there would be thousands of users trying to check out of the store at the same time. This will jam the servers, and the Steam client will fail to load the requests.

Worse is that this Steam error E502 L3 sometimes blocks the ability to go back to the Steam library to access the already downloaded games, which is annoying and frustrating.

Moreover, you will also come across this error when there is a launch of a very popular and hyped game. So, ultimately, this error code is the result of busy servers.

This error, since it is from a server-side problem, usually resolves itself in a while. However, if you have waited long enough and do not see any resolution, you can follow the solutions mentioned below and try to fix the Steam error E502 L3.

How can I fix Steam error code E502 L3?

1. Check the status of Steam servers

downdetector steam error e502 l3

As already mentioned, the Steam error code E502 L3 is a server-related problem. So, your best bet would be to first check the current status of the Steam servers.

Checking the Steam servers using websites such as IsItDownRightNow, or Downdetector would give you an idea of the server status in your region.

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If the server is down in your region, then there is nothing much that you can do. All you can do is wait for some time before the servers are up and running.

On the other hand, if the servers are perfectly fine in your region, then you can try out the next methods and try to fix the issue.

2. Allow Steam through Firewall

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Search for Control Panel and launch it.control panel steam error e502 l3
  3. Select Windows Defender Firewall.firewall steam error e502 l3
  4. Click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall available on the left pane.allow app firewall
  5. Scroll down and select Steam and its associated apps. steam access through firewall
  6. Tick the Private and Public boxes for all of them.
  7. Click OK to save the new changes and exit the window.

There are chances that the Windows Firewall or any other third-party antivirus software that you currently have installed on your PC is preventing Steam from accessing the internet connection.

You can either temporarily disable the antivirus software or follow the steps above to give Steam access to your internet connection.

3. Uninstall cheating apps

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Search for Control Panel and launch it.control panel steam error e502 l3
  3. Select Programs and Features.program and features steam error e502 l3
  4. Click on the cheating app.
  5. Hit the Uninstall button at the top.uninstall anti cheat app steam
  6. Follow the on-screen process (if any) to remove the cheating app from your PC.

Do note that we don’t have any cheating app installed on my PC. So, we have shown the process with another app. The same process applies to uninstalling an anti-cheap app.

Now you may be wondering, what are cheating apps? Cheating apps can be anything, such as an unsupported MOD, a trainer that helps you apply various cheat codes simultaneously to a game, etc.

These apps give you an advantage over other players by giving you an extra life or letting you use your gun without the need to reload it.

Steam is designed to stop such unethical practices, and there are chances that because of the cheating app on your PC, it is causing a conflict with the Steam app. Uninstall such apps from your PC and see if this fixes the Steam error E502 l3 issue or not.

4. Check for virus

  1. Click the upward arrow button on the bottom-right taskbar.see all apps
  2. Select Windows security
  3. Click on Virus & threat protection.virus and threat protection steam error e502 l3
  4. HIt the Quick Scan button and let Windows Security scan your PC for virus and malware.quick scan
  5. You can also select the Scan options button.scan options
  6. Under Scan Options, you can select Full scan to deeply scan your PC for virus or malware.full scan steam error e502 l3

Again, we didn’t have any third-party antivirus software installed on our PC. But the above steps give you an idea that you need to scan your PC and remove viruses or malware if any.

5. Reinstall Steam

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Search for Control Panel and launch it.control panel steam error e502 l3
  3. Select Programs and Features.program and features steam error e502 l3
  4. Select Steam and hit the Uninstall button to remove it from your PC.uninstall steam
  5. Now head over to the official Steam website.
  6. Hit the Install Steam button on top.install steam on your PC
  7. Install the Steam client on your PC and see if this fixes the issue or not.

If you find that you are facing the Steam error E502 L3 on your Steam client but the Steam website is working fine, then there could be some issue with your Steam client.

Often, some important files get corrupted for an app and thus result in such errors. We would advise you to follow the above steps to perform a clean install after removing the Steam client from your PC and check if this resolves your issue or not.

6. Update Steam

  1. Open the Steam client on your PC.
  2. Click on Steam button at the top-left.steam menu
  3. Select Check for Steam Client Updates.check for steam update error e502 l3
  4. Steam – Self Updater will download the updates automatically, if a new one is available.
  5. Click on Restart Steam to apply the update.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions helped you fix the annoying Steam error E502 L3 on your PC, then it is better to check for a new update.

Steam developers may have a bug fix available that solves the error code E502 L3. Make sure to check for new updates by following the above methods.

What are some tips to improve FPS on Steam games for PC?

If you play games, there are higher chances that you are making use of the Steam client to download and play games on your PC.

But there are times when the performance of the games that you have downloaded on the Steam client isn’t satisfactory. Certain games run slowly or become unresponsive for some users.

People have been looking for solutions to improve the FPS on Steam games for PC. If you are one of such users, then below we have listed some of the few solutions that you can try and possibly fix the performance.

  • You can optimize the launch options within the Steam client. Simply select the game Properties and select Set Launch Options. Paste the below code and ensure to change 144 value to an appropriate refresh rate.
-novid -tickrate 128 -high +fps_max 0 +cl_showfps 0 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +rate 128000 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +mat_queue_mode 2 -freq 144 -refresh 144 +cl_forcepreload 1 -nod3d9ex -nojoy
  • If your game is suffering from stutter and lag, then you can try a different graphics setting. In such a case, you need to lower the game resolution and aspect ratio. This would significantly improve gaming performance, but the quality would suffer.
  • Check if there are any updates available for your graphics card driver. Often, graphics card developers send out new updates for specific games, which bring such crazy improvements for that title.
  • Try overclocking your GPU, CPU, or graphics. Several gaming laptops come with the option to overclock your CPU, GPU, and graphics card. Make sure to use it and check if this fixes the FPS issue.
  • Using the Windows Task Manager, disable the unused apps when you are playing a game using the Steam client.
  • Similarly, you can also disable the unused services by running msconfig in Run command.
  • Clear temporary folder and try deleting unwanted programs from your PC to make some extra room.

Furthermore, you can also try using the Steam browser client if you are experiencing issues with the Steam client. Several users have reported that for them the Steam browser doesn’t work.

To resolve it, you can check out our dedicated guide on how to fix the Steam browser not working problem.

For some users, the downloaded game isn’t showing up in the library. This could be a temporary problem, but you can follow our guide on how to fix the Steam game that doesn’t show up in the library.

Not only is Steam error code E502 L3 troubling the users, but there is another error code 105, that prevents users from connecting to a server. Luckily, we have a guide dedicated to fixing it as well.

We hope that you could find our guide on how to fix the Steam error E502 L3 helpful. If you know of other working solutions, leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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