StExBar is a Windows 10 Explorer freeware with folder navigation tools

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Some might be familiar with StExBar, although most people probably won’t. Those who aren’t are in luck, because it was recently updated to fully support Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

StExBar provides extra utility for Windows Explorer by adding useful tools which help users get their tasks done faster and more efficiently. This can really come in handy, especially for users that find the original state of Windows Explorer just a bit lacking.

Installing the software is easy and fast

Installing this software is easy and shouldn’t take more than a couple of moments. Other than running the installation task, there’s not much users need to do. Once the installation is done, however, they will be happy to find out that all the shiny new tools will be placed in a special menu. This is a right-click menu which can be accessed by right-clicking the Explorer tab.

It’s easy to install but it won’t enable on its own

In order to see and have access to this menu, users need to activate it from the View>Options submenu. From there, activating the new menu only requires going to the Explorer section and choosing the newly installed StExBar.

Looks aren’t its greatest asset

Users shouldn’t expect the moon when it comes to aesthetics as StExBar comes with a very simplified appearance made up of small icons and appropriate text. This is probably a direct result of StExBar being freeware but also the developer’s ambition to focus more on actual performance rather than visual impression.

There are multiple uses for the new menu

There are a lot of useful tools that are added to the Explorer through this freeware. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

  • There are new Console and PowerShell options. Using these will trigger their respective functions on the page users are currently on.
  • Copy paths and copy names are used to copy in clipboard a specific file’s path or name respectively, rather than the file itself.
  • Move to subfolder is pretty self-explanatory and allows users to redirect chosen files to a new subfolder which they will be prompted to create.

Having these options ready to go at a moment’s notice as well as being able to create custom commands for the StExBar menu make this freeware a valuable asset. This might be exactly what some users are looking for to enhance their file browsing capabilities.



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