Sticky Notes for Windows 10 receives stability improvements

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The latest Windows 10 build brought a new updated for Sticky Notes. The new update for Microsoft’s gadget introduced a few functionality improvements, and changed the app version to v1.1.40.

According to Microsoft, opening the app and deleting notes are now faster. This is another ‘startup improvement,’ as Microsoft brought a similar one in the previous update for Sticky Notes. In addition to performance improvements, the new update also solves the problem with ‘Don’t Ask Me Again’ checkbox, and changed Stock Prices to always include four figures.

Here’s what the latest update for Sticky Notes brought:

  • “Performance Improvements: Opening the app and deleting notes are faster than ever before
  • Fixed: Rapidly toggling of the “Don’t Ask Me Again” checkbox when deleting a note which would cause your selection to be ignored and default to never asking you again.
  • Fixed: Stock Prices could, on occasion, include only three significant figures. This is one too few, so now they always include four.”

Despite regular updates for Sticky Notes, users are still pretty unsatisfied with it. Sticky Notes’ rating in the Store is now lower than ever, and equals only 1.9! Users complain about various problems, mostly related to performance issues and crashing. So, if Microsoft wants Sticky Notes to shine again, a major update is required.

As we said, the latest update for Sticky Notes is for now only available to Insiders on the Fast ring. However, Microsoft should also release it to regular users soon, because it’s just a minor patch. So, we definitely shouldn’t need to wait for the next major update for Windows 10 to receive this update.

What do you think about Sticky Notes in Windows 10? Have you encountered any issues while using this app? Tell us in the comments.

If you want to download the latest update for Sticky Notes, just head over to the Store, and check for app updates. Or you can manually download the updated version from the Windows Store.



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