Microsoft will take away your pain of manually downloading game drivers

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Not that long ago, Microsoft seemed to step away in a massive way from gaming on the Windows platform. If you take a look back at what Windows 8 was offering, it was easy to see that Windows 10 PC gaming wasn’t a priority for the tech giant. Its philosophy back then even sparked the creation of SteamOS, an alternative platform intended for gaming which Valve developed to fill the gap left in the PC gaming market by Microsoft.

Thing have changed, however, and Microsoft is looking more interested than ever in how its users are playing video games not only on the Xbox One but also on Windows 10. This was evidenced at the recent WinHEC 2016 event hosted by the Windows creator, where a lot of upcoming features were unveiled.

Game Broadcasting

Microsoft is looking to encourage both seasoned streamers and novice enthusiasts by providing them with a streaming service which can be used to stream the games you’re playing. Microsoft’s solution promises low latency and multi platform compatibility with Beam. This is meant to replace XSLIPT or OBS as the default streaming software, as it also claims to help users gain an audience through an Xbox Live powered discovery feature.

Game drivers with every download

According to Microsoft, players that download games from the Microsoft Store will also receive the latest drivers so that their gaming experience is top notch. Downloading a game also triggers Windows Updates thus providing players with a new driver.

Gaming accessories

A new line of gaming accessories will be arriving to Microsoft’s gaming offer. The accessories will be wireless and offer top connectivity solutions. Turtle Beach and Astro are among the manufacturers that have partnered up with Microsoft to bring us the new gear.



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