Microsoft Stream users get a screen recording tool

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft started rolling out a screen recording capability on Stream.
  • You can record 15-min video presentations within your Stream portal.
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Microsoft Stream app

Microsoft started rolling out a screen recording capability on Stream. The company said it would gradually push the feature, meaning that only select customers received it initially. If the capability is not available in your tenant yet, it is probably coming to you this week.

Different types of organizations, including educational institutions, use the Office 365-powered tool to collaborate with videos. It started supporting live video annotation earlier this year.

Stream for screen recording

One interesting thing about recording a PC screen with Stream is that you do not have to install an app to get started. Microsoft said that all you need is your Office 365 account and the Chrome or Chromium-based Edge browser.

Easily create new videos with the web-based tool—no need to download anything to get started. Just open the latest version of Edge or Chrome and your Stream portal then, from the Create dropdown list, select Record screen.

You can record any portion of the screen, depending on the specific content you wish to share with your colleagues or students. While on the Stream portal, simply select a browser tab, window, or the whole screen to start recording.

Also, Stream lets you add audio from your device to any recording. Alternatively, you can speak directly into your computer’s mic. This feature would be excellent when you need to attach verbal explanations or instructions, such as when preparing a how-to guide.

Recording long content

The screen-recording feature on Stream only works for 15-minute content. As such, it is inherently built for short videos like quick how-tos. If you needed to record a longer presentation this way, you would have to break it into smaller parts.

Microsoft revealed other limitations affecting the screen capture capability in Stream. These include the lack of audio recording support in operating systems other than Windows and macOS.

Also, you cannot incorporate camera recording when capturing only a section of the screen, such as an app Window.


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