StumbleUpon’s Windows 8, 10 App Gets New Features

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The official StumbleUpon app for Windows 8 users has been around in the Windows Store for quite a while now, being one of the most used social apps. Now, it has received some important updates that make it even more useful than it was before.
windows 8 stumbleupon appIf you are acquainted with the StumbleUpon web application, and you own a Windows 8 device, then you are probably looking to get the official StumbleUpon app on your Windows 8, as well (download link at the end). I can’t say that I am a frequent user of the StumbleUpon service, but there are many who love to use it in order to get similar articles and content to what they already read. There over 500 interests inside the app, so there are big chances that you will find then that you are most passionate about.

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Use the Windows 8 StumbleUpon to browse the web content that you like

stumbleupon windows 8

Escape the ordinary. StumbleUpon takes the boring ol’ Internet and makes it way more awesome by only showing you stuff you like. Tap or click on the Stumble button and explore an epic wonderland of videos, photos, and web pages personalized just for you. Download the free StumbleUpon app to transform your PC into a fun time-killing machine!

The latest update that StumbleUpon for Windows 8 brought new and improved hotkeys, so you can now use your physical or touch keyboard for forward and back page navigation. Also, multiple minor bug fixes have been put in place so many crashing problems have been taken care off. I’ve been using StumbleUpon to discover content that I was interested in and I can say that it is really well-crafted and looks absolutely terrific on Windows 8 tablets.

By using the app, you will be able to discover awesome new photos, videos and web pages and you can share the stuff that you like with the share charm. By pinning the  StumbleUpon Live Tile to your start screen, you will see recommended stumbles there. Be aware that you will need to have a resolution of at least 1024×768 in order for the app to work. Follow the link from below to download and install it on your Windows 8 device.

Download StumbleUpon app for Windows 8


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