Surface App Updated for Windows 10, Many Problems Still Present

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Microsoft released back in 2014 the official Surface Hub companion app for Surface Pro 3 owners, but since then the app has been renamed into ‘Surface App’, as Microsoft has released the Surface Hub device meanwhile. Now an important update has been released.
surface app windows 10
According to the official changelog of the app, it has been updated for Windows 10 with interface revisions to make it compatible with the latest operating system from Microsoft.

Not too many things have changed in the app, besides the fact that the issue where the Surface Pro 3 pen stopped working after the Windows 10 upgrade has now been fixed. Furthermore, there have been problems reported with the click-to-open OneNote feature of the Surface pen after the Windows 10 upgrade. This update should allegedly take care of that.

Surface App updated for Windows 10 and some more fixes

However, when I checked the feedback coming from users, it seems that quite a lot of them are disappointed in the update, hence the reason why the app currently has a pathetic 2.8 rating. Here are just some of the complaints:

I just got a download of the newly redesigned Surface app. It follows Windows 10 apps in design. It’s awful. Truly awful. Where I could just scroll across before, now I have to pick an icon on the left… I can’t even just scroll down. Please re-rethink this app.

Loved it before, especially since it let me adjust my pen sensitivity up so I could more fluidly work on my art. Now, I’m stuck with an app that does nothing and a “dull” pen that barely registers my marks on the screen. Went from great to dud and flatlined everything in my art tools.

Most likely some of these problems are still from the previous version, so the rating of the app should go app once the new version gets deployed to more users. What about you, have you been experiencing problems? Leave your comment below and let us know.

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