Surface Duo might support 5G in 2021

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There have been years of speculation surrounding upcoming Microsoft foldable mobile devices based on numerous big M patents. All that speculation recently became a reality when the big M unveiled not one, but two, foldable devices at its New York hardware event. At one of Microsoft’s most exciting hardware events in years, the big M showed off the Surface Duo and Surface Neo. However, the Surface Duo won’t support 5G when Microsoft releases it.

The Surface Duo is the much speculated foldable device codenamed Andromeda that some predicted Microsoft would at least reveal in 2019. Rumors that suggested Andromeda was dead in the water now appear ill founded as Mr. Panoy showed the world Microsoft’s first foldable mobile phone. Surface Duo is the foldable 2-in-1 mobile phone and tablet mentioned in numerous Windows Report posts during recent years.

First Surface Duo version won’t support 5G

Mr. Panoy provided further detailed for the Surface Duo adding that Microsoft plans to equip its new foldable mobile with the latest 5G internet connectivity. The latest 5G connectivity will ensure the fastest mobile download and upload speeds. But hold your horses.

However, Mr. Panoy did not promise the Surface Duo will support 5G from its release month. Panay explained that Microsoft has a roadmap for introducing 5G devices, so it might take a while for the big M to extend 5G support to the Surface Duo. Therefore, the big M will more likely release the Surface Duo with 4G LTE connectivity instead.

Microsoft has not provided a full specification sheet for the Surface Duo yet. However, it is a 5.6-inch mobile that incorporates a Snapdragon 855 processor. The Snap 855 processor requires an external X50 modem to provide 5G connectivity. Thus, its integrated modem only enables 4G download speeds.

Second-generation Surface Duo to support 5G in 2021

However, this doesn’t mean Surface Duo won’t ever support 5G. We believe the second-generation Surface Duo will indeed sport 5G support. Most likely, this will happen in 2021. Keep in mind that Surface Duo won’t be available for purchase until the holiday season of 2020. We’re pretty confident that Microsoft will upgrade the first Surface Duo version by 2021 so as to offer full 5G support.

What happened to Windows Core?

The biggest surprise about the Surface Duo, however, is that it does not come with any kind of Windows Core OS that had been linked with upcoming Microsoft mobile devices. It is not even based on any Microsoft platform. The Surface Duo is a foldable Android 9 Pie mobile! Thus, the big M has embraced the platform of one its biggest rivals (Google) for the Surface Duo.

It is a little surprising, and perhaps a tad ironic, that Microsoft is re-entering the mobile market with a foldable Android device. Nevertheless, the Surface Duo’s Android platform will not necessarily be a bad thing. The Android platform ensures Surface Duo users have access to the biggest app ecosystem.

So, Microsoft will begin its mobile revolution with a foldable 2-in-1 Android phone and tablet that does not support 5G. However, stranger things have probably happened in the tech world. The big M has not confirmed a specific launch date, but has said it intends to launch the Surface Duo during the 2020 holiday period.


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