Microsoft patents dual-screen device with rear-facing cameras

by Don Sharpe
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If you always thought that the Surface Duo may not have a back camera, it is not just you! That has been the general perception seeing as the device’s prototypes already in the public domain do not have that feature.

A prerelease version of the Surface Duo spotted recently only had a front camera.

But Microsoft has just patented camera technology for a dual-screen device, which may have up to four cameras. The patent does not specify that the tech is for the Surface Duo, but it describes features similar to those on the upcoming gadget.

Surface Duo may have two rear-facing cameras

The patent describes a mobile computing device with two flexible parts, each of which may have a display. There is a hinge between the two screens. It appears that each part will have a back camera and front camera.

The mobile computing device may further include a third camera and a fourth camera. In such implementations, the processor may be further configured to process images captured by the third and fourth cameras.

Microsoft has already patented the magnetic hinge technology that allows its dual-screen devices to fold back to back and face to face. The 360-degree fold mechanism changes the way you use your mobile device, including when taking photos or shooting videos.

If the Surface Duo has four cameras, then it can be an ideal match for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which has six.

The camera technology that Microsoft has just patented applies to various mobile form factors, though. As such, you may see it on other upcoming devices besides the Surface Duo.

The Redmond-based tech giant has hinted that smartphones, tablets, and even wrist-mounted gadgets may be candidates for the forward-looking technology.

However, the Surface Duo prototypes showcased so far do not demonstrate the power of the game-changing camera tech, which according to Microsoft, comes with a superior user experience that is difficult to deliver with traditional smartphone or tablet cameras.

Now that the company has confirmed the provision for multiple cameras on its dual-screen devices, you probably cannot wait to see this feature in action. Maybe the next Surface Duo demo video will show how the flexible display helps to capture panoramic images.

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