Surface Duo SDK for Mac is now available

by Don Sharpe
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Mac developers can now access the Surface Duo SDK for the OS. The resource comes in handy as developers explore different ways to deliver meaningful app experiences on the upcoming dual-screen device.

Microsoft’s Guy Merin made the announcement in a Tweet.

Developers’ role in Surface Duo’s success

Microsoft continues to show that it wants nothing short of success for its yet-to-be-released multi-screen gadget. Equally important, it acknowledges the critical role that the developer community must play in the successful execution of the “Surface Duo project.” That’s why the company is eager to provide the support necessary for developers to get started on building apps that will work and display correctly on the device.

Just the other day, Microsoft announced the availability of the Surface Duo SDK preview for Android. Developers can use it along with Google’s Android emulator to create a virtual environment for building and testing apps for devices that support multiple screen modes.

The software maker has even gone ahead to provide guidelines and a glimpse of how it wants apps to display on both the Surface Duo and Surface Neo. The dual-screen design principles that Microsoft recommends apply across all platforms, so Mac developers are welcome to explore some of these suggestions.

Meanwhile, you can expect to see some constructive back and forth between Microsoft and developers to sort out any technical issues affecting app development for the dual-screen device before its release. As Merin commented on one of the responses to his announcement, Microsoft will soon be releasing Surface Duo OS bug patches for both Mac and Windows.

Some app developers were a bit disappointed that the Duo SDK preview didn’t originally come with support for the Kotlin programming language. Now Merin says that the next update will include support for Kotlin samples.

Microsoft won’t be launching Surface Duo until around December this year. Hopefully, both Mac and Windows developers have the time needed to create dual-screen apps with superior user experiences.

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