Latest Surface Go updates improve pen and touch responsiveness

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft Surface Go, the low-cost Surface model is up for a firmware update. Users can now update their Surface go via Windows update.

However, if you want to get the update, the OS version of the system should be Windows 10 April 10, 2018, or version 1803 onwards.

Updates available for the entire Surface Go range:

  • Optimized Surface pen settings for system devices (23.608.139.0).
  • Optimized Surface touch performance for firmware (

While there are no additions to features, the focus is primarily on improving pen and touch settings. The Surface Go is a great device for many users who are constantly on the move.

Thus, the keyboard, the pen, and the touch feature are truly are of great use to such users. Improvements to any of these features enhance the overall experience for the user.

No issues reported so far

According to Microsoft, the Surface Go update is error-free and thus, can be safely installed on your system. However, they are open to any new issues impacting the users.

The officials further added, once the update is installed, users will also receive the old updates if the Surface hasn’t received them already.

The Surface will download and install only those updates that are specific to it. Also, once installed, there’s no way the system can go back to the previous state.

Users must note that the firmware updates for Microsoft Surface Go devices are generally rolled out in stages.

Therefore, users are advised to wait for a few days and then check in the Windows update for the latest version.

These Windows updates are specifically tailored  for the Surface Go, and so, there’s no firmware update released for the remaining range.

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