Surface Headphones 2+ come with dedicated MS Teams buttons

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  • Headphones are crucial for being able to have productive meetings with minimal distractions.
  • That's precisely what Microsoft had in mind when launching Surface Headphones 2+.
  • The Surface Headphones 2+ come with great features for using Microsoft Teams easier.
  • The headsets come with a Microsoft Teams Certification offering a great meeting experience overall thanks to the enabled features.

Microsoft recently announced the launch of a new Surface Headphones 2+, built for Microsoft’s commercial customers only that are the perfect choice for those that are spending many hours in Teams.

If we are to compare Surface Headphones 2+ with Surface Headphones they have pretty much the same tech specifications. One of the additions comes in the form of the Teams Certified stamp and a new wireless dongle.

Microsoft Teams buttons will be natively integrated

Microsoft states the following regarding the Microsoft Teams Certification :

Ensure your teams have seamless, high-quality Microsoft Teams calls with a super reliable connection. When you connect Surface Headphones 2+ with your PC using the USB Link, they are headphones certified for Microsoft Teams.

Moreover, most of the available accessories come with a dedicated Teams button designed to help its users join the upcoming meeting much more easier than before.

Additionally, most accessories feature a dedicated Teams button to bring Teams to the front of a crowded screen or quickly join your next meeting.

Surface Headphones 2+ comes with all the features that existing Surface Headphones already value highly, such as intuitive controls, high-quality sound, music listening time of up to 8.5 hours a day, and so on.

Using the Surface Headphones 2+ for on-the-go meetings is another feature brought upfront, allowing users to take their Team meetings and calls on iOS or Android phones via Bluetooth.

What are your thoughts about the new Surface Headphones 2+? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below.

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