The Creators Update comes to the Surface Hub with enhanced security updates and more

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Microsoft is finally starting to roll out the Creators Update to the Surface Hub a little more than a month after the update’s general release to users, bringing with it a boatload of new features for real-time collaboration, performance boost, and security enhancements.

For example, the Whiteboard app revealed in Shanghai, China is coming to the Surface Hub this month, allowing users to collaborate and share ideas on a digital canvas. Some of Whiteboard’s key features include intelligent digital inking, geometry recognition, table conversion, and automatic table shading.

Microsoft says it also plans to bring Whiteboard to more Windows 10 devices later this year including the Surface Studio and Surface Pro. The offering will include exclusive features for Office 365 subscribers according to the software giant. Other Whiteboard features include new inking tools, ink effects, and more ways to integrate existing content into a blank digital canvas to create a digital workspace.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is also bringing the single sign-on experience to the Surface Hub as well as deeper integration with Office 365. Through a single sign-on method, users will be able to access their Office 365 content and applications quickly after signing in through the welcome screen or the updated Start menu. Microsoft says the goal is to turn Surface Hub into your personal Windows 10 device and let you navigate quickly to Office 365 apps and cloud-saved content including:

  • Content stored in your OneDrive
  • Most recently used documents panels inside Office applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams, which can be accessed today via the Edge browser

Microsoft also bumped up security features on the Surface Hub with the Creators Update. New security enhancements to the Surface Hub include:

  • The ability to set Surface Hub to wipe all data at the end of each session by default;
  • The option to require BitLocker encryption for USB ports to prevent malware and other security threats;
  • Support for additional Mobile Device Management (MDM) features, so IT administrators can change settings remotely; and
  • Support for two-factor authentication, to enable users to approve an authentication request easily on their companion device.

Some other minor updates also arrived for the collaboration device, including optimized Dolby-tuned audio for human speech, Miracast improvements, and simplified Skype controls.



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