Microsoft to Release Soon a Surface Miracast Dongle

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Owners of Surface tablets have long required for a specific Miracast dongle for their devices, and it seems that their feedback has been listened to and Microsoft will soon put it on the market.
surface miracast dongle
According to website, Microsoft will soon release its own Surface-branded Miracast dongle for tablet owners that would work just the same way Google’s Chromecast does, the report says. The Surface Miracast dongle would plug into your HDMI port and is said to be powered by an USB port. If Microsoft is serious about this, then what it needs to make sure is that it doesn’t price it too high, somewhere below $50 would be terrific.

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A Surface Miracast dongle is on its way

Here’s the original report, translated from the German website:

Microsoft will bring a Miracast receiver with Surface-branding on the market. This branding has almost misleading because Miracast is an open standard and you will be able to connect any Miracast-enabled device so that, just as one can address each other Miracast receiver with the Surface. At least in principle, because as we know, it hooks in practice but every now and again. With the Surface-Cast or whatever the thing is then also say you should at least be able to make sure it is tuned to the optimal use with the Surface tablets. And so a little marketing will be there as well – then you have officially become a counterpart to Google Chrome Cast, although as I said, due to the open technology in the Windows world is not even necessary.

Just as the author of the original article says, Surface-cast could be a possible name of the upcoming dongle. Besides the dongle, an image with a pen holder has also leaked. Have a look at it it below.

surface miracast dongle microsoft

So, what do you think of this rumor? And if it turns out to be real, would you buy such a device?

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