Surface Neo and Duo to feature a 360-degree magnetic hinge

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Foldable devices are the latest rage, but many users question their durability, precisely because of the foldable screen.

Admittedly, this mostly applies to mobile phones which they themselves are opened and closed more often than any other gadgets. Microsoft assures users that this isn’t the case with their two future new releases: the Surface Neo and Duo.

They wanted to point out that the dual-screen Surface Neo and Surface Duo can be more durable due to the hinge mechanism and two separate displays.

Microsoft patented the hinge technology

Thus, there is no singular display that folds right down the middle, therefore no need to worry about any dead or malfunctioning pixel streaks that may appear with time.

Both the Surface Neo and Surface Duo use a hinge mechanism that supports a 360-degree fold. Additionally, the devices allow applications such as ebooks to run on one side of the Surface Neo in laptop mode.

Thanks to the hinge, applications can also run in tent mode with the Surface Neo.

Microsoft even filed a patent application for the hinge technology it will be using on the Surface Neo and Duo.


This patent also includes a diagram and some description of the hinge technology. This latest patent is a follow-up of the MAGNETIC BLOCK LOCKING OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE patent that Microsoft published in June 2019. You can read more about this patent in this post.

surface neo duo hinge tech

The patent reads that:

The movement of the second magnet relative to the top end of the housing adjusts the position or orientation of the second magnet relative to the first magnet to alter a magnetic force between the first magnet and the second magnet when the first magnet is positioned proximate the top end of the housing,

Microsoft hopes that this design will make using the hinge feel more smooth, without having to sacrifice any durability.

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