Microsoft to launch a new Surface Pen docking station in 2020

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Surface Pen docking station rumors

From what we hear, Microsoft has dropped a hint of adding a new accessory, the Surface Pen Docking Station. After the release of Surface Dial two years ago, this would perhaps be the next big offering for the users.

According to the new API discovered by Walking Cat, Microsoft seems to have added some codes that indicate something similar.

The code snippets tweeted by the Microsoft watcher is for the recently launched Windows 10 build 18922.

It points towards some pen buttons and a pen dock in making. Albacore, on the other hand, has found a new feature called PenTailDockEvents.

Possible features of the Dock

Looking at the findings, it certainly looks like Microsoft may be just working on something like this. This especially rings a bell since Microsoft recently named its patent, “Base Station for Use with Digital Pens”.

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The patent points towards a dock that features:

  • storing facility for a digital pen,
  • charging facility for a digital pen,
  • option to sync data among digital pens and the system,
  • option to sync the digital pen with more than one user settings,
  • teleconferencing facility,
  • ability to fine-tune a working guideline linked to the digital pen,
  • option to create or update the user account of the digital pen user,
  • and, the option to validate the digital pen user.

So, for instance, to use someone else’s digital pen as his own, one needs to simply verify himself.

This could prove really handy for those using different Surface Studio devices or if working with a team. The Surface Pen docking station could also feature buttons for individual functions, option to change between accounts, etc.

Considering that it belongs to the 18922 build, it’s unlikely that the possible dock would release before 2020.

On the contrary, the codes can also be just a part of the Microsoft routine testing. Hence, the code snippets don’t really prove anything yet.

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