First Surface Phone Andromeda OS game spotted in the Store

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surface phone andromeda OS game

Microsoft’s long-rumored Surface Phone might be just around the corner if we take into consideration the latest events. There’s an unreleased first-party Windows 10 game which appeared, and it looks as if it were designed to run on a device with the Andromeda OS. We already know that the latest Windows 10 SDK referred to a device that would be running the Andromeda OS and this cannot be anything else but the Surface Phone.

Miami Street is designed for touchscreen PCs

The game that we’re referring to us called Miami Street, and it is a racer created by Electric Square in collaboration with Microsoft Studios for touchscreen PCs. The game was previously rumored as something called Forza Kart, and this suggested a less sophisticated version of the racing simulator. It had an age rating starting at three years so it probably won’t be the most complicated game.

It seems that the app package metadata claims that the game is targeting the Windows 10 PC and the Andromeda OS. This is the shell that was designed by Microsoft for its dual-screened tablet/phone hybrid. Microsoft fans quickly spotted the potential of this game:

This game is probably made to show off Microsofts upcoming surface phone or some kind of other portable windows 10 device.

A sample of Miami Street is in the Microsoft Store

surface phone games

You can see a sample of the game here, and you can get the game from the Microsoft Store. Give it a try and see if you like it. The game is a new kind of racing game that’s built for a vast audience who likes pick-up-and-play experiences. What’s even more exciting besides the game is the fact that Microsoft started to create content targeted at their new OS which suggests a possible launch of the long-awaited device rather sooner than later.

So, it seems that Microsoft’s Surface Phone might be real after all. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.


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