Microsoft Ships Surface Pro 2 Tablets with Wrong, Slower Processor

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Despite the fact that Wind8Apps is a website which promoted Windows 8 apps, we love to be objective and report interesting stories regarding Microsoft and their products whenever the situation demands it. Take for example this occurrence – Microsoft is apparently shipping wrong versions of the Surface Pro 2 tablet to its customers
surface pro 2 wrong processor
Microsoft has been a little too late at the tablets party, but it still managed to produce some decent tablets. Recently, at the beginning of this year, Microsoft has quietly upgraded the Surface Pro 2 1.6GHz Core i5-4200U processor with the much more powerful 1.9GHz Core i5-4300U one. Despite the fact that Microsoft has kept the upgrade silent, the new version comes with some noticeable improvements over the previous one, such as the following: 20% higher clock speed and 15% to 20% better overclocked clock speed.

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According to some reports from the industry, it seems that now Microsoft is supplying Surface Pro 2 tablets with older processors, despite the fact it had promised customers that the new version will get shipped. A British Surface buyer rang Microsoft in early January to be sure that the tablet would ship with the upgraded chip. Here’s how the story evolved:

Having been assured that it was indeed the i5-4300 and no longer the i5-4200 processor, I proceeded to order a Surface Pro 2 128GB

And when the buyer received the tablet, she discovered that it was still carrying the old model

It was suggested to me that I wait a week or so and then call back, as they were expecting the tablets with the new processors to be available very soon”

However, if she hadn’t contacted Microsoft, then most obviously nobody would have told her that it’s not the latest version. Unofortunately for her, she didn’t get the upgraded version even after calling again in February:

So, on 6 February, I made the venture again and called Microsoft. Again I asked which processor was in the Surface Pro 2, and again I was absolutely assured that it was the i5-4300. I purchased one, and you already know the outcome of this: I received another Surface Pro 2 with an i5-4200 processor!

The customer also learnt that Microsoft had received “multiple complaints throughout the previous week that customers were receiving i5-4200 instead of i5-4300 processors“, so this is apparently a widespread problem. However, on the Microsoft Store, Redmond is playing safe by referring to the Surface Pro 2’s CPU as a “4th generation Intel Core i5 Processor”, which could be applied to either model. It seems that Microsoft is just trying to clear the stock and this explains why the switch to a faster processor has been kept silent.

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