No Surface Pro 3 with LTE for Now, Says Microsoft

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The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s best effort so far at combining a laptop and a tablet in a single product and it does come with some superior specs over the Surface Pro 2, but it seems that we won’t bee getting a LTE version soon.
surface pro 3 lte
We’ve seen Microsoft officially launch the Surface Pro 3 a few days ago, when we were actually expecting the Surface Mini. Since then, we’ve given it a nice comparison test with Apple’s MacBook Air, to see whether it can really challenge it. However, a feature that many have been requesting in the Surface Pro line of product is 4G LTE support, which would, obviously, make the device much better at browsing online. But, as it turns out, this isn’t going to happen quite soon, but Microsoft said that it’s going to listen to the feedback provided by consumers.

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We’ll have to wait some more for 3G, 4G LTE support in the Surface Pro

Here’s what the official Surface team said about this during a AMA session on Reddit:

It’s not in the roadmap right now, but we hear the ask. we have USB so lots of people are using those and ‘mifi’ tethering solutions. Battery certainly has been a consideration to date…”

Microsoft did the same thing with the Surface Pro 2 – it launched the device but didn’t announced 3G or LTE support from the beginning, probably to keep the feature as a good reason to garner some hype later one. So, this could also happen to the Surface Pro 3, but we’re not exactly sure. At least, let’s hope that Microsoft won’t be shipping Surface Pro 3 units with wrong processors

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