Surface Pro 3 gets new security updates, install goes smoothly

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After recent bad news stories about updates released by Microsoft for Windows 10, that you can read here and here, it is refreshing to read (or not read to be more precise) that the Surface Pro 3 updates released a couple of days ago seem to be installing without problems.

Successful release of Surface Pro 3 updates

While the Surface Pro 3 is not even on the same planet when it comes 70 quantity of users (compared to Windows 10), Microsoft engineers must still be breathing a little sigh of relief that there are no horror stories appearing about Windows 10 downgrading to Windows 8 or the device morphing into a Zune.

Quite honestly, we at Windows Report are also breathing a sigh of relief. It’s a much nicer feeling to be able to write good news about things going right than them not going right. Anyway, onto the updates.

The Surface Pro 3 November 2018 Updates

The updates are for devices running Windows 10 Creator Update or higher. The three updates should improve system stability and resolve the Device Manager error state. They should also improve system security for the Bluetooth Radio Adaptor, and improve system security for the Network adaptors.

More details for the three updates are as follows:

surface pro 3 updates

If your Surface Pro 3 is running Windows 8.1, then these updates are not for you, I’m afraid.

Please note that you may have to wait to get you automatic update. If you want to download the updates manually, go to Download drivers and firmware for Surface for instructions and help.

Do you have a Surface Pro 3 and have you installed the updates above? Let us know how everything went in the comments below.



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