Surface Pro 3 Revealed by Microsoft: 12-inch and i7 Inside

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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surface pro 3 launch
We’re live with Microsoft’s Surface event in New York and the company just revealed the Surface Pro 3, a tablet that promises to resolve a general conflict and a general customer’s question: what should I buy, a laptop or a tablet? Well, with Surface Pro 3 you will be able to get a complex Windows based device that is great, in terms that mixes a tablet with a laptop in both performances and design.

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Now, if we are to talk about details we must start by pointing out that the Surface Pro 3 is the thinnest Intel Core product ever made – 9.1 mm thick in case you were wondering. The Surface Pro 3 is bigger than the Surface Pro 2, featuring a 12 inch display compared with the later which was released with a 10.6 inch touchscreen.

Surface Pro 3 is the tablet to replace your laptop, at a price

On the other hand, Microsoft compared the Surface Pro 3 with the Macbook Air, saying that it is “much lighter and much more productive”, the Pro 3 being lighter and thinner, thus even more impressive in both stile and performances. Microsoft said the the Surface Pro 3, which comes with Intel Core i7 processor, is 10% faster than the Surface Pro 2.

surface pro 3 launched

Furthermore, the battery life has been also improved as you will be enjoying about 10 to 20% more battery life compared to the Surface Pro 2. On other point of view, Surface Pro 3 is featuring a docking station and it is capable of sharing the display and your apps, movies, games and so on to a 4K monitor.

The accessories that come along with the Surface Pro 3 are also impressive as Microsoft revealed a new and redesigned kickstand on the back of the tablet that allows users to use the screen on various angles – even to a near-flat angle of 150 degrees. In addition, the new Type Cover keyboard has also been redesigned by Microsoft – it is thinner and can be used along with the kickstand in order to get a laptop-like experience even when you are placing the tablet on your lap.

The sound quality has also been updated, the Surface Pro 3 being installed with great in built speakers which provides 40% more volume than any other product shipped by Microsoft. But price hasn’t been “improved”, as the cheapest model is available for $799 and we’re talking about the i3 version, of course. Here’s the entire list of prices:

Surface Pro 3 pricing

  • Surface Pro 3 with i3, 64GB and 4GB of RAM – $799
  • Surface Pro 3 with i5, 128GB and 4GB of RAM – $999
  • Surface Pro 3 with i5, 256GB and 8GB of RAM – $1,299
  • Surface Pro 3 with i7, 256GB and 8GB of RAM – $1,549
  • Surface Pro 3 with i7, 512GB and 8GB of RAM – $1,949

As we can see, this is quite an expensive device, but it does pack a punch! So, what do you say, is the new Surface Pro 3 something to buy, or you were expecting on something different instead?

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