Microsoft Surface Pro 7 won’t turn on for some users

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Reddit has been flooded with complaints from users that bought the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.
  • For some of the users, the device refuses to power on, even after troubleshooting the device.
  • Others report that the Surface Pro 7 powers up but the software glitches and simply freezes.
  • Microsoft tech support couldn't help either in this situation, except by offering a replacement product. 

We all know that new gadget feel too well, along with all the excitement that comes with it. But, as much as we love this feeling, we dread the moments when your much desired piece of hardware just doesn’t want to cooperate.

Lately, some of the people that spent their hard earned money on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 are beginning to regret the investment.

Users report that Surface Pro 7 refuses to power on

In a thread poste on Reddit not long ago, some users that purchased the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 are already complaining about the product.

According to this information, the device won’t power up at all, causing waves after waves of frustration for those involved.

The user that uploaded the thread is out of options for trying to resolve this issue himself, as all the helpful steps provided by Microsoft have failed, so far.

It could be that the tech company released a bad batch of devices, which still find their way into users’ homes and then just crash and burn, without any means of dealing with the problem.

This is not the only issue with the Surface Pro 7

It seems that there are quite a few thigs going wrong with this device, since there are so many reports from unsatisfied customers.

Apparently, for some users, after the device does power up eventually, the system freezes and doesn’t star up.

The same thing happened to my first surface pro. I called the tech holiness they had a couple of different solutions that I didn’t see online.

Unfortunately, it never got past the windows logo so I had to send it in. They didn’t even repair it, they just replaced it.

I would call the tech line to troubleshoot.

Judging from these signs, the reliability of these devices is looking more and more uncertain. Because the question on everyone’s lips right now seems to be: What’s the point of troubleshooting if there won’t be any results?

Some of the users which contacted the tech support line for the Surface Pro 7, were told that this was happening due to an update which failed because of the lack of storage space.

All the cases were eventually settled by offering people replacement products for their faulty ones.

One of the more tech-savy users that replied to this thread proposed somewhat of a solution for this software error.

Try creating a Windows To Go bootable file with Rufus with the same Windows version that you have currently installed and see if it boots up with that

If you also experienced similar situations after getting a Surface Pro 7 for yourself, let us know how you managed to overcome the issue, in the comments section below.

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