After Discounting Surface RT, Microsoft Now Cuts Surface Pro Price by $100

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The original Surface Pro can now be yours for $200 less than its initial price, as Microsoft has discounted it to get rid of unnecessary stock
discounted surface pro
After discounting the Surface RT tablet worldwide by 30 percent, a tablet and an OS version that has stirred up quite a lot of discussions recently, Microsoft is now cutting the price of its Surface Pro tablet by one hundred dollars. Steve Ballmer himself has recently declared that he was unhappy with the number of tablets Microsoft has managed to sell.

Thus, the 128-GB version of the Surface Pro is now $899.00, down from $999.00 and the 64-GB model is now $799.00, down from $899.00. This means that the 128-GB Surface Pro now retails as the initial selling price of the 64-GB model.

According to Microsoft’s web page with the Surface Pro, the 10 percent price cut offer valid between August 4th and August 29th. It might continue or stop, according to the supply.

The price cut is applicable to Surface Pro 64 GB & 128 GB models. You should also know that cover is not included. As of now, the offer is available in US, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. No information has yet been provided on the availability in other countries.

Save $100 when buying the Surface Pro

Recently, we’ve seen Microsoft’s latest earnings conference call which left many investors disappointed. However, there are still voices that suggest now is the right moment to buy some MSFT stock. Microsoft also has hinted recently that they company is already working on the next models of Surface RT and Surface Pro models.

So, besides not selling enough tablets as they initially projected to do, they are now forced to ship the tablets in order to prepare the supply chain for the next generation.

The Surface Pro might come with a Haswell processor and the Surface RT with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor. The Redmond company might be looking to bring some new accessories on the market, such as a battery-equipped keyboard cover and new colors.



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I’ve got a Surface PRO, and Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit runs fine on it, except for a bug in the WiFi driver you need to patch manually to get online.

Perhaps I was thinking of RT? Nice to know though! Thanks! BTW – Leave it to MS to make such a confusing product line…

I see this come up a lot. Unfortunately, the consensus so far is that the whole system is so locked down it may very well be impossible. We will have to wait and see if hackers come up with any new approaches, but the word is that it is not very promising. Would make great Linux hardware though!

Yes, but if you want to buy one just to put Linux on it, your looking for a dedicated Linux installation, not a VM under Windows, so it’s still not a selling point. It would be like putting together a Linux system just to run Win 8 in a VM when all you wanted was a dedicated Win 8 system all along.

Lets be honest here — we all know that windows should be virtualized, not the other-way around.

As much as I have been fairly anti-MS over the years (except their backend stuff, that’s decent), they have been such a staple of nerdgeek culture over these many years (even if in a negative way) that I find myself saddened and feeling quite bad for them as I watch them make such huge product, and possibly in the long term, suicidal mistakes. It is only as I watch them die a slow self inflicted death that I realize I have had an affection for them all along, even if only cultural. BTW – is this whole site an MS shill?