Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 New Firmware Update Fixes Random Wake Ups, Improves Stability

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Microsoft is now all about its most recent devices from the Surface line, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. But, the company also cares about previous Surface devices, as it (not so regularly) releases firmware updates for ‘older Surface family members,’ as well. The latest firmware update Microsoft delivered is the System Firmware Update – 2/24/2016 for Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.

The update is delivered to both devices under the same name, and the list of improvements is mostly same, with small diversities . No new features have been included.

Surface System Firmware Update – 2/24/2016 Improvements

The latest firmware update for the Surface Pro brings a fix for the issue that wakes up the device randomly. Users of Surface Pro devices have been reporting about this issue, and looking for the solution for random wake ups quite some time, and Microsoft finally provided a solution now.

Besides the solution for the waking issue, the new update also improved Surface Cover Audio driver, which is now more stable when detaching the Surface Pro from keyboard.

As for the Surface Pro 2, the update also fixes the issue with random wake ups, that users of this device reported as well, but it also brings more driver updates and improvements. The update improved Intel HD graphics driver and Surface Cover Audio driver (same as for Surface Pro), which enhanced system’s stability, and color calibration.

Besides improving audio and video drivers, the February Firmware Update also installed a new feature, called Microsoft Surface ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver, which ensures users that the correct driver is installed, so they don’t have to worry about usual issues caused by the wrong driver.

You can read the full changelog of the Surface Firmware Update – 2/24/2016 at Microsoft’s Update history page, which Redmond recently launched to provide details about all updates to Windows 10 users: Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2.

The update should be already installed on your Surface Pro device by now, but if you still need to receive it, just head to Settings> Update & security, and check for updates.

It’s been a while since Microsoft released the last update for these Surface Pro devices (August 2015), which isn’t a surprise sine the company was focused on developing new devices of the Surface line, but after they handled the release of new devices, the update for Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 finally arrived.

If you’re using one of these devices, and you noticed some issues after installing the update, please tell us about the problem in the comments, and we’ll try to find a solution for you.


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