Surface RT users could upgrade to Windows 10 in the future

by Madalina Dinita
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Windows RT users have a tooth against Microsoft ever since the company allowed Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, but denied them the same possibility.  Microsoft wanted to wash away the mistake and rolled out an update that did not bring significant changes, except for the interface that became similar to that of Windows 10.

That was the first and apparently the last attempt Microsoft ever made to upgrade Windows RT. Ever since that moment, the company adopted some sort of an ostrich policy and never mentioned that issue again.

One developer, however, decided not to wait anymore and started a project to create an unofficial Windows 10 Mobile ROM that could be installed on Windows RT devices.  He unveiled his plans on the XDA Developers forum and said he was confident he could pull this off thanks to a security flaw he discovered in the Secure Boot of the tablet.  The Secure Boot is a the firmware security feature that allows users to install only manufacturer approved software.

According to the same developer, this security feature could also allow the installation of other operating systems.

Originally Posted by jesuslg123
Awesome!!! This mean that its possible to load any OS too?


yes, if I dare to disclose the exploit

For the time being, the developer has not revealed more details about this workaround. Apparently, he is having doubts on how he should unveils this security breach:

Originally Posted by black_blob
I still wonder if I should publish the exploit or just disk images & screenshots

a lot of who have first gen surface Rt can benefit with the new OS running on it. Besides if MS is worried abt it they might patch the vulnerability. You can post a tutorial on how to install it on the RT. That’s what xda is/was.

Many Surface RT users have complained that their devices were getting unusable because of the OS and expressed their availability to test out this workaround:

I have an SP1 and my sister has an SP2 that is becoming unusable. I would really appreciate if you could share a guide on how to upgrade them to W10M!

Apart from the announcement of this security breach and the affirmation of the moral doubts of the  developer,  no other information is available. We will check the XDA forum regularly to see what is new in this thread.


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