Surface Studio gets new updates for improved connectivity

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Surface Studio

Microsoft’s Surface Studio gets updated, and even if the update is not very consistent size-wise, it’s still important. The firmware has the primary target of enhancing the system’s connectivity with the Xbox Wireless Adapter accessory. The adapter is used to connect the Xbox Controller.

Turn your desk into a studio with Surface Studio

Microsoft’s Surface Studio is a device that’s designed especially for the creative process but not only. It comes with an adjustable 28-inch PixelSense display that offers a massive canvas for various kinds of work. You can position it upright to sketch, edit photos, paint and more and you can also lay it flat to draw on it like a drafting table. You can even play games on it and as you can see the possibilities are varied.

Xbox – Network adapters – update

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically, and you will find it listed in the Windows Update history as Xbox – Network adapters –

This tiny update will improve the reliability of the Xbox Wireless Adapter and even if it’s not a massive update it will definitely come in handy for users who are relying on the adapter for the gaming sessions.

Surface Studio delivers amazing versatility

Whether you’re using it in the Desktop Mode or lying flat in Studio Mode, the Surface Studio will provide increased versatility in order to enhance your creative process. As we already said with the Xbox Wireless Adapter accessory, you can connect an Xbox Controller to it as well, allowing you to enjoy some high-quality gaming sessions.

This update comes as a great surprise for everyone who will rely on the adapter for playing games so you should definitely check it out. You will find the update listed in the Windows Update history.


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