Sci-fi city builder Surviving Mars hits Xbox One and Windows PCs in 2018

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Surviving Mars

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Gamescom 2017 brought gamers another goodie: Haemimont Games’ Surviving Mars, a city builder with a sci-fi survival edge where you have to land on the surface of Mars, colonize and survive the harshest conditions.  This is one of the most anticipated Xbox One and Windows PC games.

Surviving Mars sports high scientific accuracy

The game will feature tons of cosmetic options such as changing the way that buildings look and multiple types of buildings that will expand your base. You’ll be able to do some pretty cool stuff. For instance, if your people are not very happy living there, you will have the ability to build a bar, but you will have to be aware of the fact that this may trigger some problems as well such as generating alcoholics.

In the game, every colonist has to worry about his/her own stats, and they also have to micromanage them. You’ll find things like happiness, air quality, thirst and, so on during the game. You’’ also have to manage sanity, as if the colonist start feeling that life on Mars is hopeless they might commit suicide.

The game is still work in progress

Haemimont Games injected a high level of detail into this game. You’ll be able to call in rockets from Earth to bring more colonists and to ship trade good off Mars, and you’ll get the opportunity to choose where the rockets land as well, but you have to be careful because this action can trigger consequences.

The game is being developed with scientific theories in mind, and the game will also sport a huge research tree to help you learn about scientific methods used for colonizing Mars in the real world.

The game’s sheer amount of features, its various opportunities for creativity and micromanagement are all incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait for its release.



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