Sway app for Windows 10 now lets you export projects to PDF, Word

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Initially release as Office Sway, Microsoft’s newest presentation program is now available as a standalone app from the Windows Store. It allows users to combine text and media to create a presentable website.

Sway app for Windows 10 gets new features

The app has recently been updated by Microsoft with a couple of new features, as follows:

  • Print – Want to print your Sway? Now you can do it with two mouse clicks. Open the “…” menu at the top right and choose “Print”.
  • Export – Export a project to PDF or Word for offline sharing or to edit it in other file formats. Open the “…” menu at the top right and choose “Export”.
  • Customize Your Sway – Add Colors to the Design Pane to customize your design based on your brand.
  • Horizontal Layout – Horizontal Layouts have been changed to improve alignment and more effectively use space. Try joining some adjacent elements to see the effect.

Besides these four new options, you will find the usual bug fixes and various enhancements whenever a new version is being pushed out.

Sway is being updated pretty constantly, and we’ve seen Microsoft add new features to the app in the past, such as QuickStarter, audio clip support and new styles.

And, if you weren’t aware, Sway also allows you to turn your Microsoft Photos album into professionally designed stories quite easily. So, if you’re interested in a complete digital storytelling app for your PC, go ahead and get Sway.



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