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Switching from Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10 – the technical preview – can sometimes create issues for your operating system. To avoid that, some recommended installing the Windows 10 Preparation Tool.
Windows 10 preparation tool
The hardware requirements for Windows 10 remain the same. So Windows 7, 8 users have nothing to worry about in that respect. However, you need certain upgrades to make the switch flawless.

Microsoft has released a tool for that called Windows 10 Preparation Tool. A while ago, some people suggested this was a tool especially developed for that purpose, but it turned out the tool was just the standard tool you get when you enter the Windows Insider Program. Nevertheless, let’s see what it does.

This tool automatically checks various characteristics of your operating system, to see whether your OS version or the languages you are using are supported . Some languages used by Windows 7, 8 users are currently unavailable in Windows 10. Installation of this tool is easy. And once you install it, a message appears on the screen reading:

“You PC is ready for Windows Technical Preview”.

Then, the tool created the following registry key:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\WindowsTechnicalPreview

If the requirements in terms of OS and languages are not met, an error message will appear:

“We can’t prepare this PC for Windows Technical Preview. Make sure it’s using either Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1                    Update and a language supported in Windows Technical Preview.”

This compatibility decision taken by Microsoft could be a bold move to somehow “force” Windows 7 users to switch to Windows 8.1, providing a boast for Windows 8 adoption, some Winsupersite readers suggest.

All in all, Windows 10 is coming along very well and it could be one on Microsoft’s most popular operating systems yet.

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