Semi Annual Channel updates cancelled for System Center 2019

by Madalina Dinita
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System Center 2019 updates

Microsoft recently cancelled the twice-a-year feature updates also known as the Semi Annual Channel for System Center 2019.

System Center 2019, which will be a Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release, is expected to be available later this month (March 2019) in its Volume Licensing Service Center.

But instead of being followed up by the twice-a-year-feature updates as expected, this one will be replaced by another Long-Term Servicing Channel System Center release.

Meanwhile Microsoft will add new System Center features between these LTSC through Updates Rollups.

This was a user feedback-based decision

According to a recent blog post, Microsoft officials declared that this decision was made due to the customer’s feedback:

From talking to customers, we learned that Long-Term Servicing Channel System Center works better or most System Center deployments as the update cycles are longer and more stable.

Microsoft introduced Long-Term Servicing Channel System Center and Semi Annual Channel as servicing terms a few years ago and they are destined for mission-critical systems that are not made for regular updates.

The official’s advice for the users of Windows Client and Windows Server is that the twice-yearly feature updates are the best.

The purpose of the Microsoft System Center 2019 is to enable deployment and management of Windows Server 2019 at a larger scale to meet everyone’s data center needs and also provides the 5 years of standard and 5 years of extended support that customer can count on.

System Center 2019 has the mission to bring value in a lot of areas, such as security, software defined data center, modernizing operations and monitoring, faster backups with data protection manager 2019, Orchestrator 2019 and Service Manager 2019.

Microsoft announced that System Center 2019 will provide upgrades for the two Semi Annual Channel releases so customers having System Center 1801 or System Center 1807 will be able to upgrade to System Center 2019. System Center 2016 can be upgraded to System Center 2019 as well.


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