T-Mobile ends support for its Windows Phone app by the end of August

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T-Mobile confirmed that it would be ending support for its Windows Mobile app just a year after its revamp. The sad news was brought to users via the carrier’s Windows app itself, explaining that it will no longer be supported starting August 25.

Users still on the app will get a sad message

The message reads the following: “Thanks for being an awesome T-Mobile customer! We’re always finding new ways to provide you with the best experience possible. Unfortunately, our Windows app will no longer be supported beginning 8/25/2017. Moving forward, you’ll be able to manage your account at My.T-Mobile.com.”

User focus moves towards iOS and Android

The latest mobile device running Windows 10 was the Alcatel Idol 4S back in November featuring support for Continuum, Cortana, and the finger sensor for Windows Hello. Alcatel’s VR headset that came bundled with the device also worked with the Windows OS.

Ending support for the Windows app comes right after T-Mobile stopped selling the Alcatel Idol 4S. For those of you who still interested in the device, Alcatel’s official website will redirect you to unlocked versions of the phone available via Amazon.

Windows phones are getting rarer and rarer these days on the market, and it probably makes sense that T-Mobile and other carriers are beginning to ditch them as Microsoft’s mobile efforts fade to black. According to analysts, users are abandoning these devices for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, even if T-Mobile redesigned the Windows version of the app to be up to speed on both Android and iPhone (including a new UI and more cool features), it wouldn’t be enough.



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