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Complete guides to fix Laptop issues

Laptops – commonly referred to as notebooks – are small personal computers that prove to be more portable and efficient than desktop computers. The very first laptop – the IBM 5100 one – was released in September 1975.

Nowadays, unlike traditional PCs with a variety of components connected through wires, laptops have a lightweight display, built-in keyboard, pointer, and speakers. All these make them convenient for transportation in backpacks and briefcases. No less important, the latest laptop models are powerful enough for everyday business and personal needs.

However, they are prone to the usual issues we’ve come to expect from similar devices. Whether the keyboard starts typing on its own or the laptop refuses to open anything, rest assured that we’ve got some easy fixes for you. Apply them on any laptop you may use – Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Razer, Huawei – you name it.

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