Tank Arena Game Released for Windows 8.1 for Tank Games Lovers

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You can get back your good memories you had playing Tanks on Sega or Terminator by installing now “Tank Arena” on Windows 8.1 operating systems for PC, tablets and phones. “Tank Arena” is a very simple playing game and will bring you back to your childhood memories of the all popular game Tanks.
Tank Arena for Windows 8.1
Your soul purpose to this game is to defend Earth against the Dromedians invasion that has invaded the outer planets in our solar system and established military bases. So get you tank ready and prepare for a battle because this won’t be an easy win.

Get Tank Arena on Windows 8.1 now

A good feature of “Tank Arena” on Windows 8.1 you get to try is the tank upgrades you have access to like Leopard, Challenger, Wolverine and the last but not least Hell Cat. Also you can upgrade your guns for a better and faster damage rate to Spread, Canon and Seeker in order to keep up with the difficulty presented in various levels of the game.

You will also have access to 5 original in-game music tracks that you can listen to while playing “Tank Arena” and as well as the other games presented for Windows 8.1 you can post your results on an online leader board and get all 15 local Achievement rewards.

As a hardware necessity you will need approximately 43 MB of free space on your Windows 8.1 PC, tablet or phone and the x86, x64, ARM processor technology that we are used to have on Windows 8.1 operating systems.

So go ahead and accumulate your gold, upgrade your tank and guns to get the top place in the online leader boards. As a plus you can download “Tank Arena” from Windows Store or by following the link below free of charge and begin the battle.

Download here “Tank Arena” for Windows 8.1


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