Task Manager is a new Firefox add-on that has task manager like capabilities

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If you’re using Firefox and want to add task manager like capabilities to this browser, we recommend you Task Manager. This browser add-on is shipped with Google Chrome and if you add it to Firefox, you will see all open websites in tabs, internal processes, as well as other extensions. Also, if you want to end a process that affects the behavior of a website or your device, just add-on will get you out of trouble.

Task Manager can be opened in Chrome by pressing the Shift-Esc keys at the same time, or by clicking on Menu > More Tools > Task Manager. Task Manager works similarly on Firefox, but because it’s not natively integrated in the browser, you will have to install it as a third-party add-on. You will see an icon in Firefox’s main toolbar and when clicking on it, all tasks will be displayed. The developer of the extension recommends users to have multi-process Firefox enabled, so it will work best.

When clicking on Task Manager, its interface will open in a new window and it will display information related to the type of task, a description for a name or title, process ID, CPU and system utilization and P.Memory. Some tasks will not have the memory listed, but to find more information about some tasks, you will click on them and details (full URL or memory-related info) will appear in the lower pane.

Task Manager will refresh the listing every two seconds, but you can change the refresh time to 1 second or 10 seconds. The extension for Firefox can be used to kill multiple processes at the same time, by checking the boxes in front of them and then clicking on the kill process button. You should know that if you select system or add-on tasks in the listing, the “kill process” button will stay inactive.



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