TD Ameritrade releases first UWP app for Windows 10

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Back in January of this year, TD Ameritrade, a financial trading company, launched its app for Windows 10, but it didn’t end there. We understand that earlier this week, the app was given the UWP treatment, and as such, is now available for Windows 10 Mobile.

This is great news for everyone who are members of TD Ameritrade. Now they can check up on their finances away from their computer or anywhere for that matter.

What’s new?

Not much is new apart from the ability to use certain voice commands via Cortana, and a new inking feature that should allow clients to add notes charts. Outside of the features, the TD Ameritrade app for Windows 10 Mobile is the same as the one for Windows 10, which is made possible due to UWP.

Here’s the official changelog:

  • TD Ameritrade App supports smartphones
  • We added Cortana commands. To trigger these: “TD Ameritrade Get quote for … [symbol]” or “TD Ameritrade Show my watch list”
  • New inking feature enables clients to add notes to charts

We hope to see more financial institutions supporting Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile in the near future. In the past, Bank of America announced plans to bring a UWP supported app to the platform, but that has yet to materialize.

For those who are interested in the TD Ameritrade app, it can be downloaded right now from the Windows Store.


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