Users can’t access Microsoft Teams channels, chats messages

by Don Sharpe
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  • Users are unable to retrieve incoming Teams chat messages on desktop.
  • Microsoft is aware of the bug.
  • We'll let you know when a fix to this issue is available. Be sure to bookmark the Teams page!
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Teams channel loading issue

Via Twitter, the Microsoft 365 team has acknowledged an issue preventing users from accessing Microsoft Teams chats and channels. The bug appears to be widespread, with some users in the UAE reporting it on the social networking platform.

A bug breaks Microsoft Teams channels and chats

Microsoft said it’s aware of the problem that seems to affect users from different parts of the world, although the company has not mentioned any specific region.

With the latest Microsoft Teams bug, chats and channels may sometimes fail to load.

Microsoft has not publicly revealed the exact nature of the glitch. But some users suggest that it has something to with the inability to open messages that are coming in.

According to one Twitter user, you may still be able to see new Microsoft Teams chats and chat group messages. However, to your dismay,  you’ll get an error when you click on them.

Messages are coming in to chats and chat groups. But when you click on them in the desktop app it says “cant access your content”. And ” We’re having trouble updating your messages.  Try again.

So, it appears that Microsoft 365 is unable to update messages coming to the cloud-based workforce collaboration tool.

According to the same user, the Android version of Teams seems to be working alright when it comes to sending and receiving chat messages. Only the desktop app has this problem, it looks like.

By the look of things, Teams customers are asking for more info about the issue, although Microsoft says that the platform’s admin center has more details under TM219013.

Let’s hope that the company’s technicians will get to the bottom of the matter soon enough.

In other news, Microsoft Teams will get a Lists update that enables users to create and track smart lists.

Can you access your Teams chats and channels via the desktop version of the app? Tell us in the comments section below.

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