You won’t be able to join Teams meetings with digital ID yet

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  • Microsoft is delaying the release of one of the key features it announced for the Teams app.
  • Users should have been able to join meetings via digital ID since last month if the company followed its initial plan.
  • Teams are constantly receiving new features and will get even more, once the company finishes current important projects.
  • Many think that the reason for this delay is the impending release of the new OS, Windows 11.
MS Teams feature delay

If you recall, back in April, Microsoft announced that it had plans to start rolling out a new option for joining Teams meetings with a digital code, during the month of May.

However, now the company is postponing the release of this feature indefinitely, therefore it is no longer coming this summer.

Using digital ID to join Teams Meetings roll out is paused

Microsoft posted an update on the Microsoft 365 Admin center, earlier this month, to inform users that the team is no longer moving forward with the release, and it will communicate a new timeline in the future.

At this time we will not be moving forward with rolling out the feature as outlined. We are evaluating changes based on feedback and will announce our new plan via Message center when we are ready to proceed.

What the tech giant forgot or simply didn’t specify is when the feature will be available for Teams users and whether it will arrive this year as planned.

Since then, there haven’t been any more updates to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, which would reflect the delay, and it still states that the feature will be available in June.

This update will provide yet another way for users to join a virtual meeting in scenarios when the meeting link is not available. This option will be usab;e across Microsoft Teams desktop, mobile, and web clients.

Remember that this option has already been available on other platforms, such as Zoom, for quite a while now, meaning Microsoft can’t really wait forever to join the ranks.

More features are coming to Teams in the near future

Microsoft still has a lot of plans for this application and the main reason why it’s delaying such important features to be rolled out, is clearly the main OS reveal event.

The company has had a lot on its plate lately, and it seems like everyone in the world just wants them to focus on delivering a new, amazing, perfectly working operating system.

So it should come as no surprise that Microsoft has decided to simply postpone the roll outs for some of the apps, or improvements that they promised for their already existing ones.

Rest assured that after Windows 11 drops and goes through a tiny bit of grooming, the Redmond company will surely resume its work on all the other projects it already announced.

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