Pop out apps in Teams to launch later this year

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  • Microsoft has announced it will be introducing pop-out apps in Teams later this year.
  • Teams are also getting templates to help with the quick setup of various teams in the workplace.
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Microsoft has announced it will be introducing pop out apps in Teams later this year.

On the first day of the company’s Build 2020 event, it emerged that Teams is getting the ability to pop out apps, chats, and even meetings into separate Windows.

The feature is just one of the several upgrades meant to make the Office 365 tool more end-user friendly.

Other additions include templates, Microsoft Lists, and contextual search.

Pop out apps in Teams

The feature makes it a lot easier for workers to multitask and to do more within less time.

Coming later this year, end users will be able to ‘pop-out’ personal apps. Users will be able to open separate windows for their apps so they can work while easily accessing their team chats to continue to collaborate. Simply right-click on an app to see the pop out option.

Say, you have got an app pinned to the left navigation pane in Teams. Right clicking on it reveals the pop out option.

Choosing the option lets you open the application in a resizable window without blocking important elements of the main Teams screen.


Setting up a new team can take some of your productivity time. It does not always have to be this way, and that is why Microsoft is introducing templates in Teams.

The feature includes templates for different types of groups in the workplace. These include crisis response personnel and event management crew.

You may also use templates to create a hospital ward or a company branch team.

The feature is shipping in a few months. Additionally, Microsoft will automatically push the update, so you do not need to download it.

Teams usage has soared dramatically across the world as more and more people work from home due to COVID19-related restrictions. As such, Microsoft is sparing no effort to offer the over 44 million users of the platform the best features possible.

Are you eager to sample the upcoming pop out apps in Teams? Feel free to let us know (or ask any questions) in the comments section below.

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