New Teams Refinitiv AI assistant gives accurate financial insights

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Fancy having a sophisticated AI for Teams that gives you accurate financial insights?
  • Well, now there is one specially made for Microsoft's Teams and designed by Refinitiv.
  • Refinitiv AI alerts provide breaking news and actionable insights to interested people.
  • The AI also learns quickly, becomes more effective, and can actually become a real asset.
Teams financial assistance

We haven’t talked about Teams in a while and we considered that it was important for you to know that there’s a new AI assistant for Microsoft Teams that does something you didn’t quite expect.

Apparently, it’s supposed to give financial professionals personalized stock market insights at the right time, as detailed in the official Microsoft blog post.

But this is not all Microsoft’s doing, as this new feature has actually been released by Refinitiv in partnership with the Redmond tech giant itself.

Are you prepared to take financial advice from an AI assistant?

Judging from what Microsoft had to say, the Refinitiv AI alerts provide breaking news and actionable insights to investment bankers and analysts, asset and wealth managers, financial advisors, and the broader financial services community.

However, before we go as far as thinking this is Skynet all over again and we’re about to witness a real robot uprise, we have to inform you that the AI assistant actually asks for permission.

It does that before automatically learning the user’s individual priorities from their Microsoft 365 interactions.

It also keeps that information private for the user, and recommends suggested content based on upcoming meetings and frequent email conversations.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the AI learns quickly which information the professional finds useful, and becomes even more accurate and relevant.

For financial professionals, this solution can provide a competitive edge in their research and customer interactions, in a seamless and simple way.

Human-centred AI, and a deployment strategy within a firm’s own environment help to ensure the highest level of privacy and security protection.

So, we can add the financial advice-giving AI assistant to the already impressive portfolio of Teams features that have been added in the last year.

Is this something you would use on a daily basis? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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