Teams bug makes it hard to close the app on Mac devices

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Users are reporting more problems with the most popular communications app.
  • Although not as serious as the Android bug, this Teams issue will still annoy you.
  • Some macOS Teams users state that they can't exit the app unless force quitting.
  • The roots of this problem have yet to be revealed, same as a potential fix for it.
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It goes without saying that Microsoft’s Teams is by far the most commonly used communication/conferencing app in the world at this moment.

Since its big brother (Skype) isn’t as popular as it once was, the Redmond-based tech company decided to put in all its time and resources upgrading Teams.

It even went the extra mile and bundled it with the new operating system, Windows 11, and it’s constantly coming up with new features and security improvements for it.

But, even with all the tweaks in the world, bugs or errors are bound to sneak their way into the application’s code and drive us crazy, to the point of uninstalling it, sometimes.

Mac Teams bug prevents users from exiting the software

Teams is far from perfect, as certain recent events have more than proved it. Yes, we’re talking about the incident where, because of Teams, users couldn’t reach emergency services on Android devices.

The silver lining there was that some users that stumbled across this dangerous bug were quick to report it, and the responsible companies, Google and Microsoft, fixed it rapidly.

But, a pretty dangerous situation, all-in-all. Now, reports indicate some issues that Teams is having when used on macOS.

As you can tell from the Reddit post above, this user is stating that, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t close the application when using conventional means.

He actually has to force the application to quit, kind of the Windows equivalent of accessing the Task Manager, by using Alt + Ctrl + Del, and forcefully ending the task.

Indeed, this is not as serious as the one on Android, but still behavior that surely wasn’t programmed into the DNA of the software.

However, after fiddling with it a bit more, the post’s author also added an update to his experience.

Okay, I figured out what is going on. If I close (red x) the UI window first and then try to quit, it doesn’t work (waiting at least a minute). If I do nothing to the UI window and instead go straight to quit, it works fine.

This is definitely something for Microsoft to look into and, who knows, maybe discover some more problems with the macOS version of Teams, if there are any.

Until then, if you are experiencing the same abnormal behavior from your main communications app, know that you are not alone, and others are going through the same struggle.

And, since we’re talking about Teams, let us remind you that starting this month, the rollout process for the feature that lets you hide your own video feed while in a call has begun.

Have you also encountered this problem while trying to quit Teams on your Apple device? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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