TeamViewer App for Windows 10 is now Universal and Users are Enjoying it

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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There’s no doubt that TeamViewer is one of the best, if not the most known solution for remotely controlling another system. Recently, we’ve talked about the fact that it received full Windows 10 support and it has been updated to be an universal app.

The official page for the TeamViewer: Remote Control app for Windows users has been updated to say that it now works on both PC and mobile devices. However, there aren’t too many other details besides this.

But it seems that those who have downloaded this update are simply ecstatic and quite happy with the progress TeamViewer has made. Here’s just some of their messages:

Controlling a computer from my phone sounds like such a lousy idea – but Teamviewer has actually made it relatively painless. Obviously, it’s best to control a desktop computer from another desktop computer, but the latest update (love that they are supporting the universal app platform!) makes remote controlling a computer from my L640 a real possibility. Recent updates provide impressive speed improvements. Excellent!

First there is no other remotely software application that does the best job in remote control. This is the Universal app from team viewer. excellent love the simplicity and keep up the good work. Thank you the best app to help my family who are far away and no one can’t help them. thank you for making this easy and accesible to easy help other. Being using teamviewer for more than 8 year years

Seriously their support is great. Their are trying their best to push out apps for all systems and to make them great. And this last update. 1)its fast 2)UX is gorgeous 3)its version 11 (aka great for those that updated their desktop clients to beta) This is perfect example of app. I bought licences to work and also to home and if I would have option to throw donation on them in Windows store, I would drop them some € just to show them that users of WM are still here and that we care of our apps and developers.

Thanks for the new UWP app. It’s beautiful, faster and easier than ever to use

If you have been waiting for this update, then go ahead and download TeamViewer either on your Windows 10 desktop or mobile device and let us know what’s your experience with it. Also, check out our previous guides on how to fix problems with TeamViewer on Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1.

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