Tenorshare ReiBoot helps you recover your iPhone safely

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Recover your iPhone safely

We feel your frustration! Your iPhone or iPad is stuck on the Apple logo or a black screen and it seems that the world is over.

It’s most likely in the recovery mode and it cannot come back from that state. The repair takes time and it can be pretty expensive so you should really think about another way.

The escape is to use a great iOS system recovery tool that will unlock your device from that state and recover it right away.

What is Tenorshare ReiBoot?

Don’t get us wrong, we think that iPhones and other i-devices from Apple are great but they can just as easily get stuck or blocked, like any other system.

And that’s where Tenorshare ReiBoot comes into play. Whether it’s stuck when updating your iOS, when you do your normal stuff or even some procedures that are not covered by warranty, this tool promises to get your device back to normal.

So, ReiBoot is an iOS repair tool that can repair over 150 iOS, iPadOS, and even tvOS system problems ranging from stuck on Apple logo or recovery mode loops to the more complicated screen won’t turn on issue.

What are the Tenorshare ReiBoot features?

When your iOS mobile device gets stuck, you can press the volume buttons and the power button simultaneously to get it into Recovery mode, right?

Well, it doesn’t work all the time and you might be asked to restore your device which means that you will lose all your data.

Tenorshare ReiBoot has some excellent features that will help you avoid suck problems and more.

One-click Recovery mode

Forget about complicated button combinations. Or what if the buttons don’t work so well anymore?

With ReiBoot, after you install the software, you connect the device to the PC or the Mac and click on the Enter/Exit Recovery Mode option and then on the One-Click to Enter Recovery Mode button, and it’s done!

It’s such a simple and hassle-free procedure that you will immediately remind yourself that you thought about sending the device for repair.

Getting out from the Recovery Mode is as simple as getting in. You will just need to press the Exit Recovery Mode option instead and your iPhone will then reboot without seeing the connect to iTunes screen.

Oh, and we almost forgot to tell you that this feature is completely free so you can use it straight out of the box, so to say.

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Standard Repair

Let’s say that your device has been stuck on the Apple logo. It happens to many iOS devices but the Standard Repair feature in ReiBoot will solve the problem without data loss.

However, when you use this feature, you need to know that the device needs to have at least 800 MB of free storage and that you will automatically get the latest OS after the repair.

To start the procedure, you only need to start the tool, connect your device, then hit the Start button in the software, check the Standard Repair option, and hit the Standard Repair button.

Then, you just need to follow some easy steps to get through with the procedure that will only take a couple of minutes.

Other excellent features

Tenorshare ReiBoot has a lot of important features and the Deep Repair will help you when everything else failed but unfortunately, that will also come with data loss implications.

You can reset the device to factory settings if you lost the password, downgrade a beta version to a public release one, and help you with any driver errors problems.

This great solution can even fix problems with iTunes back-up errors and many more because it’s a complete toolbox for any possible iOS encountered issue.

Life-saving app available for testing

As we mentioned above, Tenorshare ReiBoot comes with a free feature for getting into the Recovery Mode and that can mean only one thing: there’s a free trial version that you can try.

However, if you want the whole package and solve more complicated issues with your device, you will have to opt for one of the paid subscriptions.

Don’t worry, even if you decide on a plan, you can benefit from a 30-day money-back guaranteed policy. You won’t need to do that, because you will find the tool awesome, just like we did.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

Tenorshare ReiBoot

Use this amazing tool to get your iOS device out of any system problem with one click.

Free trialVisit website
Extremely simple to use
Comes with a free trial version
One-click Recovery Mode access
Can fix iTunes back-up errors
Can fix stuck on Apple logo issues
The free trial version has only a few free options

The software is installed and running in only a few seconds even if at the beginning, the tool will download the latest Apple drivers on your computer.

In our assessment run, Tenorshare ReiBoot worked very fast and clean, and the interface is self-explanatory. So you know, you will also find how-to guides on the official website.

Did you try it already? Tell us all about your experience with the comment in the section below.

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