Microsoft enhances text finder functionality on Chromium browsers

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft has been actively trying to improve Chromium based browsers. One way of this is by improving the text finder functionality.

Currently, if you are using the stable versions of both Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you normally need to press Ctrl + F and then manually type in the word or phrase again to find it hidden throughout the text.

Now work is being done on both the Canary versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to improve the find box, in an effort to make it much more efficient and reliable in specific situations.

This feature would become a time saver when you are searching for specific words or phrases, but the source material is quite lengthy and hard to go through.

With the latest changes introduced, you could now select a word or entire phrase with your cursor, and if you press Ctrl + F, your selected text will already be in the search box, as well as highlighted throughout the text itself.

Microsoft stated that:

Currently, the find box only considers its own history when opening, but sometimes the user has selected a term on the page and wishes to search for additional instances (especially when looking at source code.)To expedite this (and prevent needing to use the clipboard), this change considers the active text selection (if any) when the find widget is invoked.

While this may not seem like much, the benefits greatly add up over time, and you’ll realize that this small tweak has managed to save you a lot of time.

As reported on Reddit, this latest feature seems to already be present on the latest version of Chrome Canary, Google Chrome’s version of a “Beta Browser” that receives nightly updates.

However, Microsoft Edge’s Canary version has yet to benefit from this change, as further testing may be required.


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