The Island: Castaway 2 is a New Awesome Adventure Game to try on Windows 8.1

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If you’re tired and you need a break from your everyday activities then you need to try this adventure game. The Island: Castaway 2 is available now on Windows 8.1 Microsoft computers, tablets or phones, it has a very interactive game play but we will see exactly how it is by reading a few of the lines below.
The Island: Castaway 2 is a new game to try on windows 8.1
The Island: Castaway 2 has a minimum set of specifications for your Windows 8.1 operating system, it only takes approximately 400 Mb of space and you can run this pretty much on every tablet or phone operating system with x86, x64 or ARM processors. As we are all wondering about the price I can tell you that if you want to get a quick sneak peek inside the game you only need to download it from your Windows Store for free.

Adventure game lover? Try The Island: Castaway 2 for Windows 8.1

Designed and released by G5 Entertainment AB The Island: Castaway 2 is a fun adventure game that lets you discover the secrets of an island before and after the original castaways landed. One of the key features in The Island: Castaway 2 and something most people like is deciphering riddles, let me tell you, you will have no short supply in this game; it is specifically designed to put your mind to the test.

the island castaway 2

Exploring the large island, learning how to fish, learning how to garden and harvest are also a few fun things of the game we need to keep in mind but of course everyone wants to see the outcome of the game and by solving all the quests and learning all there is about the inhabitants you will eventually discover why the tribe left they’re village and how did the Sanctuary originally looked like.

So in a few short words above I’ve told you a little bit about the game, you only need to go on Windows store now and download the game for free. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience below.

Download The Island: Castaway 2 for Windows 8 


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