Valve’s The Orange Box now available on Xbox One

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Microsoft’s initiative of adding backward compatibility to the Xbox One was a big step that in the end has proven cynics wrong with the number of additions the company makes to the list of backward compatible games. The latest batch of additions include The Orange Box, Joe Danger 2: The Movie from Hello Games and Galaga Legions. Xbox’s Mike Ybarra announced on Twitter that these Xbox 360 titles are now available to play on Xbox One via the console’s backward compatibility feature.

The Orange Box, arguably one of the best deals in gaming history, brought widespread critical acclaim at the time of its release and Half-Life 2 along with its two DLC episodes (while Half-Life 3 is excluded). Team Fortress made its way to consoles and the debut of Portal also came along with this game.

It appears that The Orange Box also features Team Fortress 2 that, while it wasn’t a massive success on the Xbox 360, did gain some decent support on Steam. Now that it is featured on a current generation console, things are certainly going to turn around in its favor.

Now, if you feel any sort of disappointment by Half-life 2’s legendary cliffhanger ending, you can alway indulge in the other two games to be added to the list: Joe Danger 2: The Movie and Galaga Legions. In our Joe Danger 2: The Movie review, we named it one of the best games available on Xbox Live Arcade. Though its does lack in some respects aspects and has some unresolved bugs, its single player content will be able to keep you occupied for hours.

The third new addition is Galaga Legions, developed by the same team that created Pac-Man: Championship Edition. Galaga Legions is a blend of traditional sci-fi arcade shooting with a contemporary twist that also garnered positive feedback after being released on Xbox Live Arcade five years ago.

Now that Galaga LegionsJoe Danger 2: The Movie and The Orange Box are all now available on Xbox One, the total number of backward compatible 360 games is 273. If Microsoft keeps up with this rate of new game additions, it can easily cross the 300 mark before 2016 departs.


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