The rate of Windows 11 adoption is twice that of Windows 10

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Ever since Windows 11 was released, users and developers have been at the forefront to switch to the OS.
  • Microsoft has also been pushing for the adoption of Windows 11 by releasing new devices that support the OS.
  • It now seems the efforts paid off as three months later, the OS seems to be adopted at a faster rate than expected.
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According to reports, Windows 11 is now on twice as many PCs as Windows 10. Despite the system requirements, it may come off as a surprise how good the OS is performing.

This is an impressive milestone that was only reached after Microsoft began its aggressive marketing campaign. This news is huge for Microsoft and could even signal more growth than before.

The number of people accepting Microsoft’s Windows 11 upgrade offer has doubled that of its predecessor Windows 10.

High-quality scores and excellent products

According to a blog post, among other things, Microsoft is emphasizing the speed with which Windows 11 has been adopted, as well as the operating system’s high-quality scores and customer satisfaction.

The company didn’t offer any specific numbers about how quickly Windows 11 was adopted compared to previous versions of Windows but it did state that this was one of the fastest adoption rates for any version of Windows since its inception.

While the exact numbers are a bit hazy, Microsoft is clearly pleased with the progress being made with Windows 11. It’s not surprising, of course: The company has worked to ensure that the OS is a direct evolution of Windows 10, while also adding new features and functionality to help keep it competitive with OS X and Linux.

Last call

If you’ve been holding out on the upgrade to Windows 11, there’s no better time than now to make the leap.

Microsoft is on its last phase of availability so you may want to get the OS now while you still can.

But it’s not just that users are choosing to stick with Windows 11: Microsoft is claiming that people are spending 40% more time on their computers than before.

Are you among the Windows 11 gang or soon to be? Let us know what are some of your favorite features from the OS so far in the comment section below.