The Sims 4’s Jasmine Holiday is playing Cupid until February 21

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If you are looking to boost your Sim’s relationship with other Sims, you can now do so after The Sims 4 launched the Triple Boost Week. Electronic Arts announced that Jasmine Holiday returns to play Cupid. You can now maximize your character’s relationship by tapping Jasmine Holiday’s services in the game.

The game lets players increase a Sim’s  romantic relationship with a partner with a rate thrice faster than usual.

If you want a little help raising your Sim’s relationships with others, simply call Jasmine and she’ll give your Sim a boost that helps them gain relationship three times faster! She’ll be around starting today until Tuesday 21st February, at which time she’ll hang up Cupid’s Bow and leave your Sim’s love lives to fate. If your mean Sims were hoping to capitalize on this, they’re out of luck. Jasmine only boosts positive relationships!

That means players looking to boost a Sim’s animosity towards another character by taking advantage of the Triple Boost Week will fail. Aside from Sim lovers, Jasmine Holiday can also help to raise a Sim’s friendship levels with other Sims.

To take advantage of the Triple Boost Week, contact or find Jasmine Holiday in The Sims 4 immediately. Tips shared on the fan community suggest that you will find the non-playable character in the game’s local community garden. If you find it inconvenient, your Sim can invite Jasmine Holiday through the in-game phone’s “Call Jasmine Holiday” option. One way to boost your Sim’s relationships is also to hold a party with certain characters as guests.

The Triple Boost Week also allows you to complete certain relationship-based milestones or aspirations for your Sim. Be sure to click on the NPC and hit the “Boost Relationship Gain” button once the Triple Boost Week proponent arrives. Jasmine Holiday Holiday will then provide the Sim character a special “Feeling Friendly” moodlet, which expires after six game days.

Once the moodlet runs out, players can request another boost from Holiday for their Sim characters. Did you check out the Triple Boost Week already? Share your thoughts!



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