The Turing Test: an interesting Xbox One and Windows PC exclusive title

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft has announced a new game for the Xbox One and PC called The Turing Test. It’s a game that looks very similar to movies we have seen in the past, so we can’t help but believe the game was inspired by them.

The game’s teaser trailer shows a character who goes by the name Ava Turing, so clearly this story is about her journey. The plot revolves around Ava being stuck on the planet Europa. Sent there to seek out extraterrestrial lifeforms, Ava quickly finds much deeper mysteries to be understood.

While the goal here is to solve the mysteries of the planet, it is not certain what these mysteries are or what the ultimate goal will be. The Turing Test is all about exploration and takes on a first person viewpoint for most of its puzzle-solving gameplay. It is similar in spirit to the Solus Project for the Xbox One and PC and No Man’s Sky for the PlayStation 4.

The Turing Test’s storyline is similar to that of Christopher Nolan’s hit film Interstellar, with the trailer giving off an Interstellar vibe more than anything else. Others have said it has a similar vibe to the Martian but from what we can tell, that is not the case for most parts of the trailer.

Open world exploration video games are slowly becoming the next must-have titles for consoles. They are usually fun to play — especially when they are free from shady microtransactions. The Turing Test is made by developer Bulkhead Interactive and is set for an August 2016 release date. Despite its release date, players should be wary: Microsoft does has a knack for canceling games and shutting down studios.

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