There was an error opening this document in Dropbox [FIX]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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dropbox there was an error opening this document

Dropbox is a very popular tool for sharing and storing files. Many offices around the world use this tool to share their documents efficiently.

Overall, people are satisfied with this app, because it runs smoothly, and is simple and efficient. The last thing a person wants is to waste time with some software technicalities.

However, the app is plagued by many serious issues that affect the work of quite a few users.

Many people complained that they can’t open documents. So, users encountered “there was an error opening this document” error message.

This issue is severe because it makes Dropbox inoperable. Some users reported that all colleagues in the office had this problem in Dropbox.

Also, the error appeared even on the latest version of Windows 10. Though this might sound like a problem without a solution, today we will show you how to fix it in no time.

What to do if you can’t open a document in Dropbox?

1. Try using your web browser

UR Browser There was an error opening this document in Dropbox

Sometimes to fix this problem you need to use your web browser to view Dropbox files.

You can use any browser for this purpose, but we recommend UR Browser since it’s privacy-oriented and secure.

If you’re not familiar with UR Browser, you should know that it comes with privacy and phishing protection, as well as an adblocker and a VPN, so you might want to try it out.

Did you know that UR Browser is a great alternative to Chrome? Check out our review to find out more!

2. Force the files to go local

force local files There was an error opening this document in Dropbox

Users reported that forcing the folder in local mode allows the files to open without issues.

However, this is only a workaround. People don’t want all the files to be local.

3. Update Dropbox

update dropbox There was an error opening this document in Dropbox

This problem appeared on an older version of this tool. The team from Dropbox solved the error with a new update patch.

So, keep in mind that you should always download the latest version of this app. This way, you make sure Dropbox will run smoothly.


So, the culprit here is an outdated version of Dropbox. Keep in mind to always update your Windows and your apps to avoid errors such as “There was an error opening this document” in Dropbox.

Unfortunately, not all problems are solved with a simple update. Luckily, we have several solutions available for those errors. Bookmark our comprehensive article in case you need it later.

Also, you can try another cloud software to share files quickly. Choose one from our fresh list to avoid other Dropbox errors in the future. Moreover, these cloud tools have encryption, so your data will be secured.

Did our solution work for you? What other errors did you encounter when you tried to open a document? Do let us know in the comments section below!